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04-29-2016, 02:13 AM
Do You want to see three of the most famous masterpieces of Caravaggio as living paintings?
Here's a stunning representation from Italy's got talent TV program!


A magical show if You wait for the curtain to open on incredible scenes and then realize how they were composed .... Enjoy.

04-29-2016, 03:23 AM
WOW that is unbelievable! thanks so much so sharing that link Caesar!...

D Akey
04-29-2016, 12:02 PM
I had heard about such things, where people pose as seen in famous paintings. They have an art colony about 2 hours away called Laguna that has an art festival where such performances happen, much the same as what you show in your video link. I had never seen it, only heard about it. So this was a real treat actually seeing this performed. I'd not seen this art form, certainly not in a television show like this, but leave it to the Italians to appreciate classical paintings to the point that it could compete against the comparatively dynamic singers, dancers and novelty acts that have made it onto TV.

I really enjoyed this. It also telescopes in certain body and facial types from back then, that they're still floating around in modern times. This I find curious based on what impact lifestyle and nutrition and all that has on people's appearances. Apparently not more than a little makeup can adjust for.

Thanks for sharing this, Caesar.

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04-29-2016, 08:42 PM
Thank You, dear Gary!
In a way it curiously shows we had De Sica, Fellini, Visconti, Rossellini or Antonioni, as well people for costumes, scenographies etc., since ever. They just were not movie directors, rather painters (and/ or theater artists), but the national passion for narrating stories by images, poses, composion, gestures, colors and light is the same.

Dear DAkey, that's the universal value of art as seen from another perspective and within that domain of artistic expression. In a way people actually is and remains the same, and this is true not only physically. What is the human being essence, our shared identity, only one, because we're all different outcomes of the same race made of clusters of genetical groups with minimal differences in a continous re-mix, is an enthralling and eternal artistic theme and cultural differences cannot change what pain looks like or a smile means.
Obviously today we should have many more stories, cultures, situations and types to narrate and many more different human conditions, achievements and tragedies to treat our times more exhaustively with the right people from anywhere and any facial type.
Nonetheless I don't appreciate the modern trend to represent past history or even the various historical or mythical characters or (super) heroes according to polically correct shares to be kept (men/ women, sexual habits, etnical/ religious/ nationals or phenotypes/ genotypes).
I wouldn't think to an oriental looking actor to play Louis Armstrong in a movie not to a Scandinavian looking guy to play as Jackie Chan or to Denzel Washington, or worse, Halle Berry to play Thor.
Thank You.

BY THE WAY. Since there's no link to art, another short video of the same TV program is a show by a funny humanoid little robot with an artificial intelligence able to interact and make fun of one of the judges (a TV comedian) to then challenge him and win in a contest of keeping balance in various Tai Chi positions ....