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04-21-2016, 06:23 AM
Hi there,

Can anyone advise on setting canvas size and print size in the android app to get the best print output. I have so far set the print size and dpi to 300 in the desktop version after exporting the painting file from my tablet. This does mean that some of the sharp edges can be pixilated when printed.
Can I set the canvas print size and resolution to 300dpi when I set up a blank canvas in the app version, or is this too memory hungry?
Any advice on getting the best resolution for printing to maintain sharp edges to brush strokes will be gratefully received.


04-21-2016, 02:00 PM
For the best printing, you basically want to get the pixel size as large as possible. DPI only works with the pixels you give it, so it can't make something small print larger.

The app has a maximum canvas size of 2048x2048, which doesn't really print out very big (the size of a letter or A4 paper, maybe? A little larger if you don't need it to be super sharp).

This may not be the size you want to paint at (due to tool sizes, your device's memory), so you're best off using the Record Script function (turn it on in the new canvas screen - it came out in the last update, if you haven't seen it before).

You can then replay this in ArtRage 4 (or Studio Pro), at *any* resolution, then export your file set up for printing at your preferred pixel size and DPI settings.

04-22-2016, 08:22 PM
Thanks for the advice.

I did try using record script by setting it to record when setting the new canvas i started but had difficulty finding the script files in the artrage 4 desktop version I have after expoting the painting file to my cloud storage and then opening in artrage desktop.

I found that I needed to find the script files on my android device in file manager, then copy these to my cloud drive and pull them down from there on to the desktop. When I then tried opening them on the desktop, there were several files of various sizes from 22kb to 35 MB, but there appeared to be nothing in them when I played them.

Is there an easier way to use script files, and has anyone else had similar experiences to me?



04-26-2016, 09:46 AM
I'm... not exactly sure what you copied, but that doesn't like like you got the right file.

To play back scripts on the desktop, you do need to export the script file, but you can do this from ArtRage 4 as well. if there is a script embedded in the painting, it will still be recording when you open the painting in AR4. Just stop it, save it, and then load it and play it back.

To JUST export the script files, you need to export them from the painting in the app *first* from the export/share options in the Gallery view (it can't export scripts from an unsaved painting). This will then create a specific scripts file which you can email (etc), or save automatically in the /ArtRagePaintings/Scripts folder.