View Full Version : Bad Night, No LIght

04-18-2016, 08:25 PM
The Light was out, the storm was heavy, ( In ever so slightly tinted monochrome),Bad Night , no Light.........Its rough alright, that's because its a Sketch(not much detail)
I hope you might like it anyway.......Jack.

D Akey
04-19-2016, 01:31 AM
Actually, I very much like it. Great mood. I also like the lack of color/monochrome. Feels like the moonlight and the fog are at odds regarding visibility. So for me there's lots of tension. Also from where I sit, I'm rather concerned about getting dashed upon the rocks along with that other specter of a former ship. A good, solid haunting is not out of the question in this place. So this one's thick with story, which as always is really great.

Nice to see you moving about with your weather eye, Jack-o!

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04-19-2016, 05:35 AM
Hello D,
Thanks for looking in,Nice to see you, I wondered what you might think to this sketchy thing, pleased that you liked it though, it was more for effect than anything, was trying for very rough night stormy scene, so I'm pleased you approve, I thought I made a mistake with the foggy look because you don't get fog if its windy, but thinking about it you can have lots of spray and precipitation in sight, low cloud...(I'm looking for excuses really) lets call it artistic licence......Thanks for your reply D always nice to see your name come up.....Jack.