View Full Version : Lady with Daffodils

03-29-2016, 03:41 AM
Ref from internet, done in oil

03-29-2016, 04:46 AM
WOW WOW Pat this is one of your very best works ever!... the figure is
well done and in proportion and the soft quality of your brushwork
is in perfect harmony with the subject... :cool::cool::cool::):):)

03-29-2016, 05:40 AM
Ref from internet, done in oil

Marilyn Anne
03-29-2016, 07:09 AM
Soft and sweet. Lovely scene ! Well painted!

D Akey
03-29-2016, 08:07 AM
Your skills are manifesting in me the same excitement as when we humans were about to land on the moon. You're really getting good with focusing on particular areas such that some details surrounding the main figure state what's surrounding without being overly redundant and literal, and what is more, you're zeroing in on getting the human head figure and features more natural. . . which really shifts the painting into a far higher class.

I would recommend that in the midst of all this spectacular achievement, that you attend more to the hands, as they are the second most important thing in this painting, after the head. The colors and values are just right, but the structure could do with a wee bit more finesse. It's really close though. Other than that, this is really rockin' the free world. The head and all else is super.

Go Pat!!!!!!!

:cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::):):):):):cool::coo l::cool::cool::cool:

03-29-2016, 02:48 PM
How beautiful!

03-30-2016, 10:32 PM
WOW! She looks so graceful! I clap my hands enthusiastically.

03-31-2016, 12:44 AM
Oh my, Pat, Your paintings are truly beautiful

03-31-2016, 02:52 AM
Such a gentle and peaceful painting Pat:)

03-31-2016, 03:47 AM
Thank you all dear friends, really appreciate your kind comments, DAkey, will take note of the hands and thanks for your input, fully appreciated