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Mick CrocKode
03-27-2016, 06:25 AM
Just scribbles on a white paper, than scanned in AR. Looked first like a "cloud" without any form, but... looking closer I have seen... Well !
Strange ton explain: strange to draw without thinking, just let run the hand.

After that, I took that scribble and draw around the "silhouettes" that were hidden in that cloudy (now) grey paper.

Then I have done a lot of work with layers and with "Lock Transparency" or "Lock Paint".

I named the result: "Don't leave me". Could named it "Inner fears" perhaps, but I prefer "Don't leave me".

Hope you like it.


D Akey
03-27-2016, 10:15 PM
Actually I do like it. Feels like it's animated. Really a lot of sense of movement. Nice to see your stuff again. Sorta different from your usual. Nice fanciful dip into that stream of consciousness.

:cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::):):):):):cool::coo l::cool::cool::cool:

03-28-2016, 03:02 AM
Great movement and imagination, really like it and the title is perfect

03-31-2016, 01:02 AM
Excellent one! A sort of St. Exupery fable put into images ....