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Pat McDonald
03-16-2016, 01:51 AM
I've produced my own colour picker with a limited palette.

Is there any way I can get Artrage to 'remember' my picker when I load the programme again? I can load it easily through the Tools > Custom Color Options > Custom Color From Collection, but would like it to become a new default.

I am sure there is a way to do this and I've read all of the information I can find. It's almost certainly something obvious that I'm missing.

Can anyone help?

Thanks, Pat

03-16-2016, 10:26 AM
Hello Pat,
You know I donít think you can make it stick.:confused: Though I can see it would be useful at times if it could be saved as part of any given painting.
But one thing you could do for now is to set a key shortcut to bring up the 'Custom Colour Picker Collection' panel, which would at least bypass having to go via the Menubar each time.

03-16-2016, 10:49 AM
There isn't a way to do this currently but I'll make a note to look in to it for the future.

Pat McDonald
03-16-2016, 11:53 AM
Thanks, Matt, I did look at trying to make displaying the colour picker as a shortcut (I have a shortcut for the precise colour wheel), but I couldn't see that it was available to attach a shortcut to it.

I may see if I can use Autohotkey to do it.

My limited palette colour picker is proving a boon.

Again, thanks for taking the time to look at, and answer, my question,


03-16-2016, 12:34 PM
Hello again Pat,
Open ARís Keyboard Shortcuts window and go down to ĎPanel Commandsí, you can set it there.

Pat McDonald
03-16-2016, 09:48 PM
Thanks, Mark, again.

I did go through the short-cuts list, but had missed that option ..

I've set a short-cut to display the User Colour Picker Panel.


Pat McDonald
03-22-2016, 05:53 AM
For anyone following this thread: the suggestions of Matt and Mark have worked wonderfully well.

The short-cut has been set up,

Thank you,