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Stephen Lo Piano
03-01-2016, 01:48 PM
This image does have something to do with the incident last year in Paris and the Roman Catholic Church Pope's public response.
For anyone unaware of what TKO means in the Boxing Sport; A Technical Knock Out.

Not quite sure if I want to add some additional objects to this image that might add to the expression and political slant here.
Where the Pope's image resides I simply have some extended colored lines, thought this may be the ideal location for some additional objects that add expression to the entire subject matter here.

Anyone have some input or suggestions?

This image and lettering entirely created with Art Rage 4.

03-02-2016, 12:22 AM
Fine vignette! Satan looks almost jolly and attractive here while the Pope seems damned, the poor. :o

I got curious therefore and i wonder what You refer to about Paris incident one year ago. I only vaguely remind that Vatican State, not the Pope personally, didn't appreciate and accept the choice of a French ambassador that Paris repeatedly wanted to force in and was openly and ostentatiously different from what catholic Church ethically appreciated (as right or wrong as it may be).
As far as I know any country has its own like/ don't like, few are totally tolerant (if any), US too for sure and not more reasonably in many cases, and still this gives apparently no scandal. For instance try to send a lady as ambassador with no niqab in Saudi Arabia or Iran and check out if they would accept such a choice.
:rolleyes:;) Probably critizing the Pope or the catholics in any case is a global sport for many people. It's pretty good for feeling brave against a somehow mysterious incumbent power and threat without risking and keeping safe. After all other kind of vignettes may kill, as you know ...:p

As for terrorism based on God command, no one but the Pope has firmly stated that killing in the name of God was not allowed, more, a blasphemy, and invited all religious authority to express the same. Moreover it always asked to avoid terrorism and violence as a response wherever chistians are attacked and slaughtered, in Africa or anywhere else. Being a martyr for christians is a quite noble, holy and pure way to die for God's sake and with no harm to other people, just like JC ... I'm not sure information is adequate anywhere, most likely in each place we can hear only what we like to or someone likes to ...:(

OK. Now I may cross the Tiber and ask the vatican for a fee. LOL:o;)

03-02-2016, 02:00 AM
Caesar, I think this is the inspiration behind the image shown in the first post - http://time.com/3668875/pope-francis-charlie-hebdo/

Anyone have some input or suggestions?

My suggestion would be to keep the forum a political and religious free zone in respect of members' personal views.

03-02-2016, 04:30 AM
Caesar, I think this is the inspiration behind the image shown in the first post - http://time.com/3668875/pope-francis-charlie-hebdo/

My suggestion would be to keep the forum a political and religious free zone in respect of members' personal views.

Thanks June, now I see what was meant, I agree on what you say and I think that political and religious battles are generally Satan's real TKO.
I marginally notice though that, unfortunately Charlie Hebdo lesson and extreme defense of even hurting and wounding satyr (I would always defend, although not approve when unnecessarily transgressive), was forgotten pretty soon by some people. Charlie Hebdo was in fact attacked later on (not by terrorists) for some non-politically correct or unpolite vignette on a different topic, obviously this was not by physical violence, but still not in a sedate way. I prefer much more when satyrical vignettes make fun of power and ideologies (religious or not) which are broadly enforced for less than noble scopes, but there's no censorship intent by me.
Now i'm afraid that some people may make observations and give different suggestions and opinions, some other ones are not trendy enough, even reminding facts and having some ground. I believe that respect means also that any sensitiveness should be considered according to the subject's view, before possibly deciding whether to take it into (or no) account, as popular or reasonable as it may seem and be our own view.
So, rather than political or religious issues here, I perceived a sort of dominant and shared view around which does not seem to be so much dominant and shared after all, especially worldwide, rather trendy in some places and circles so much tolerantly untolerant of a sensibly different point of view or starting point.

Stephen Lo Piano
03-07-2016, 10:42 AM
The pope did make a public announcement as I have him speaking in this cartoon caricature. He made the incident seem to be the fault of Charlie Hebdo for not having respect for whatever the terrorists believed that attacked the Hebdo office in Paris.
With respect to the deeper implications of what he said about having respect for other religious beliefs or you might get punched, not only what was done in Paris should be condemned and no means of toleration for that type of action, again satanism is also considered a religious belief and practice followed by worshipers. Seems to me the pope had a poor choice of words using the statement about having respect for people of other religious beliefs. I believe he should be more selective about the types of religious beliefs people should have respect for. In my opinion the people at Hebdo that survived this incident had enough pain and misery to suffer as a result of exercising their right to free speech without the pope pouring salt into their wounds with that statement. Under no circumstances should any type of defense that justifies that type of terrorist action be tolerated, no matter what the criminals believed in their cult religion insanity.

Seems to me the pope was deceived by satan with his statement. I do not believe he was expressing his thoughts from the perspective of universal interpretation and how other people might perceive this statement. He was tricked by satan just as Adam and Eve were deceived in the garden of Eden. As the expression says "The Road to Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions".

I wish some people here at Art Rage would work with me to complete this cartoon as a group project by adding some ideas, we might send the finished product to Hebdo.