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02-26-2016, 10:27 AM
I need some opinions on the matter. Working on a project.

1 version


2 version


3 version



02-26-2016, 12:17 PM
The third one is most disturbing to me, as the darkness with the red is a good impression of hell, so I would say that you expressed it well

02-26-2016, 09:23 PM
The second one for me, if that's the objective, because You see first something repellant, then You get the furtherly disquieting sentence ... Impressive indeed. Well done!

D Akey
02-27-2016, 10:10 AM
Might I recommend something. . .

I think if you want to thematically show a change, you would want to feature a transition showing a progression from light to dark, or cool to hot, really keying in on the idea of the comparison word "deeper".

Rather than just indicating a cross cut of ground, which would be anywhere at all in the depths, you want to show it's the deepest, most dismal place in human reckoning. So to show the comparison from bad to worse, how would you use your imagination to graphically represent that? You could do it with manipulating the design of the text, and/or the look of the stuff behind the text. Or another idea you might want to show depth from looking down into a pit, or someone taking a depth sounding, or showing the read out on scientific instruments, or a devil standing on a precipice with a parachute or something storytelling.

Heck, even a barometer or thermometer or a massive pile of skulls or an emotive face that's screaming out of control. Or if you wanted to go with gross, you could show a skull submerged up to it's eyeballs in a pool of blood. . . etc a thousand different symbols. But make it graphically memorable so that people seeing it will have a handle to walk away with and remember your project. What you have does the job but it's not as visually memorable as something iconic might be.

The idea really sets my imagination running. It's a strong idea. But the choices you gave virtually hold the same energy for me. And any one would carry the same weight.

But that's just me. Let your imagination run.

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02-28-2016, 12:14 AM
Thank you guys. Wow DAkey, you made a run into this :-).... I was thinking before on bending the space a bit to give some depth sensation, and ... il'' come back later with some progress on the work. :-)
One thing that crossed my mind this morning> Nobody goes to hell, just finds himself there... must be some teleportation device. Cheers