View Full Version : Fan Brush

Edward Ingram
02-22-2016, 11:49 AM
When I first got Artrage, I requested a fan brush that could be rotated so I could use Bob Ross's technique to paint distant cedar and pine trees.
Someone made a sticker spray that worked well, but I don't remember who that was, and have had my hard drive crash and had to reload Artrage new, so have lost that brush effect. Does anyone remember this?
I think I saw another request for a fan brush too.

02-22-2016, 12:03 PM
I believe SomeoneSane made the fan brush you are referring to. Here is the thread.... https://forums.artrage.com/showthread.php?42979-Fan-Brush

Edward Ingram
02-25-2016, 06:52 PM
Yes! Found it, downloaded it, and it works great! Now ll I have to do is go somewhere and pick up the knowledge of how to paint and I'll be all set.