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02-12-2016, 08:12 PM
I'm enjoying painting mountains at the moment. Could be all the photos my granddaughter is sending home from Sth. America - though this one is out of my head.


02-13-2016, 05:28 AM
June, beautiful looks like sacred mountains to me.. there must be a shaman living there somewhere..:cool::cool::)

D Akey
02-13-2016, 08:07 AM
Ah, there be gorillas in yonder mist, Ms Goodall.

Really dramatic and certainly quite lush. Well done!

:cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::):):):):):cool::coo l::cool::cool::cool:

02-13-2016, 07:21 PM
Thanks Gary and DA.

I would call myself an animal lover but I have a 'thing', almost a phobia, with monkeys, apes, etc. When visiting a zoo for example, I would avoid their enclosures. I remember a story I read or had read to me, about a cat being swung around by it's tail and the said tail attaching itself to the cruel child.

As a child I had a soft toy monkey - I still have it stowed away in a dark place. I have no memory of playing with this toy but it has always been with me - I can't throw it away. Judging by it's appearance it had been much loved at some time. However, it's tail has very visible signs of being reattached!

D Akey
02-14-2016, 07:05 AM
We can't go around saying "Jane Goodall-but-one". . . Let's see if we can maybe heal those scars from when somebody told you an unfortunate tale.

The gorilla pics I saw in National Geographic was of a gorilla named Koko who had a pet kitten (or several). Surprise surprise. They have videos on Youtube bout it. She was also taught sign language. You can hunt down any number of her videos on her process as well, including her 42nd birthday.




Watch these and ye shall be henceforth dubbed Dame June Goodone, the free spirit what loves all animals, oh aye.

(Note: no animals were harmed in the making of these movies.)

02-14-2016, 07:53 PM
Beautifully done June. It makes you feel as though there will be peace up there in the mist, with lots of Buddha temples. Always wanted to go somewhere like that :)