View Full Version : Back in Black in Black

10-16-2015, 06:59 PM
So here is my original Angus Young painting. Just figured I'd go ahead and post it here...... :)

10-17-2015, 01:41 AM
Another great piece , Keep them coming . Best wishes Jo x

10-17-2015, 03:43 AM
Thank you. Thanks for the nice comment.

D Akey
10-17-2015, 05:55 AM
BUMB. . . BADDA BUMB. . . BADDA BUMB. . . de deeddley deedle dah. . .

Angus when he was young! What a style!

Nice graphic. I could easily see putting on some ACDC and painting away. . . Lots of energy.

Very good.

:cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::):):):):):cool::coo l::cool::cool::cool:

10-17-2015, 08:17 AM
Nice job Joe! Well done