View Full Version : L.L.Bean cover art project

10-14-2015, 05:03 PM
This is my first post. Feedback would be welcome! :)



10-14-2015, 10:04 PM
Excellent illustration. I think the first version, with the vertical grass lines, may help a little more keeping the observer into the image, but i may be wrong.

Marilyn Anne
10-15-2015, 09:58 PM
Nice moose and fun little moment. Like the tall grass version as it seems to giv more depth to the scene.

D Akey
10-16-2015, 09:54 AM
I assume they got stacked in reverse order, owing to the second one looking like you had not blurred the background yet.

Love the look and the colors are fabulous.

You've chosen a nice style for an advertising illustration.

I can't find fault in it because the style dictates the paint approach. There's a lot of joy when one can see all the strokes. It gives it a particular presence, as if the artist is evident -- I'm looking at a moose and also at an artist, like a 2 shot.

Were I stepping away from your nice style for a moment, I would perhaps suggest more subtlety and variety in the marks. Perhaps some playing around with tonality. Presently, while everything is in its place, and this is a really nice painting, it's pretty straight ahead in approach. What I notice is that all the strokes are very punchy and opaque. Again, nothing wrong with that when it's working, which it is. But an alternative is to employ more variations of marks where something is left to the imagination.

You asked for comments. I'm just giving you something to consider after you've exploited this style and perhaps are looking for a way to change it up a bit, as artists do from time to time. Certainly there's no rush to change. I like it and think it's successful.

10-17-2015, 01:57 AM
I like the first one best too, But your talent shows through in both, well done. Best wishes Jo x