View Full Version : Looking forward Halloween - (with a caricature)

10-09-2015, 03:43 AM
Just a WIP or a sketch if You like. Still hard for me to improve on caricatures, at least to get extreme distortions, but I don't surrender and will progressively draw and reshape faces more and more.
Anyway, if You (hopefully) recognize this macho guy, who do You think may the counterpart be? More than one in these days, I guess, and a lot many more in the past. LOL:o:cool:

D Akey
10-09-2015, 04:45 AM
Nice one Caesar! Heh. It's rather unmistakable to me. But I will hold off on guessing until others have had time to look, to keep the game alive.

Very clever. And yeah, many many just like him.:rolleyes:

:cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::):):):):):cool::coo l::cool::cool::cool:

10-09-2015, 06:44 AM
I know who are foreign friend is; that's your costume this year?

10-09-2015, 09:20 PM
Hi Caesar do U think we should send for Lawrence of Arabia !! ??? ;):D:D:D:D:D:D:D

10-09-2015, 10:15 PM
Thank You, dear DAkey also for Your omerta (I think it may be appropriate enough here) about his identity ... LOL:o;) I didn't complete it because it may be too scary, even for Halloween, if we believe the slanderous rumors about his mild grief for a series of murders which accidentally struck a list of people not happy enough about his patriotic deeds. But I guess it's a common problem anywhere, when someone gets too patriotic , to lose the ordinary balance and to start feeling the death angel personally sent by God Himself with full mandate on anyone else life ...:confused::(.

I believe You really do, dear Symson. Personally I rather celebrate Carnival and All Saints and dead people the following day here, as it is our millenarian tradition here in Italy, even if leaving of ancient celtic feasts existed or were transferred to Christian festivities here in Italy too, since we had Gauls in the North of our peninsula and quite a few Barbarian "immigrations". Anyway Halloween disease caught our commercial side and many of kids, so I like to have fun with it visually on ArtRage together with our dar anglo-saxons mates and friends spread all over the various continents. :o;)

Dear ATPlus, it's a good idea, but he'd better stop drinking before he leaves (he's got such a red shining nose!). I wouldn't have him taken down from his camel by a policeman making him blow in a machine for a check. Moreover someone in Your country says that the guy above has av tendency to bad jokes and the habit to offer, as a drink, vodka made from a mix of rye and polonium 210 when he gets annoyed. Thank You.

10-10-2015, 01:39 AM
Is He a Pope then Caesar ????:confused::confused::confused::confused::confu sed:

10-10-2015, 02:05 AM
... or an English sovereign, dear ATPlus?
I realize that the criminal characteristics I cited are quite common for too many powerful people in history and today to guess easily, since, quite often, also the most spiritual, democratic or "civilized" political, social, religious system is irrelevant and unable to avert lies and murders against citizens and strangers (including cases of suspicious accidents or strange or premature deaths of people uncomfortable for the ruling regime or a head of state). :( So I have to rely on a sufficient capability, on my side, to have provided enough likeness to this VIP. ;):o

10-10-2015, 02:22 AM
Hi. Caesa Corrr That was as good. As. Fishing. For. Pike ;). :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

10-10-2015, 04:53 AM
Well it wasn't such a hard fishing (not sure about the meaning of idiomatic expression You used though), even considering recent times.
I only had to remind the big lie about Saddam's weapons of mass destruction and Lady Diana taking part to a formula one in-tunnel race in Paris, but that's nothing compared to what so many bosses in every country used to do in the past, including the poor, most tolerant, harmless rulers and empires/ kingdoms victim of the Crusades in a period when the accusation to be infidels was mutual .... today only one side tend to keep this most polite attitude, but it's easier, safer and most comfortable to keep the same target for our darts reminding of our past centuries and judging outside the historical context ...:rolleyes:;)

10-10-2015, 09:20 AM
Looks like Putin to me.. I heard he was a boxing fanatic too (Looks like the guy is boxing in my opinion)

10-12-2015, 09:06 PM
OK, dear BOF, I can reveal now that Putin is the right guess. ;)
Either real or just propaganda about his inflated and superman-like capabilities he's a fantastic boxeur, hockey champion, a martial arts super expert, a skilled horse rider, an inerrable hunter etc. ..... and a tireless lover (a sport he used to practice also with his friend Berlusconi, they say).
He's only just too much touchy, so many people think it's dangerous to displease him ...:eek:

12-15-2015, 09:16 AM
As you may know I was checking on Google "italian bills" and i ran into this one, he looks kind of familiar, they may be somehow related :p


12-15-2015, 10:07 PM
Vladimir Putin as a grandnephew of Guglielmo Marconi? That's incredible, brilliant, but if he he found the way to communicate from a long distance and wireless, maybe he found a unrevealed way to procreate from one country to the other and "pipelineless" .... :o;)LOL