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09-27-2015, 12:44 AM
Hi there

This is a tip if you try to work out graphics for both print and tablets and phones.

All Apple iPads is 3:4. Apples new iPhone 6 is 9:16. Many Android tablets is 9:16.

I have tried to answer: What is the best compromise between 3:4 (12:16) and 9:16 sized tablets?

So an answer could be: When the width of the 9:16 format is exactly so much wider than it is lower than the height of the 3:4 height. I sounds wired and is easier to see. Red is 3:4. Blue is 9:16.


If we start out with the 3:4 format and set it to 1600x1200 then by doing the math the small squares will be exactly 96.

It means the 9:16 size will be:

W: 1600 + 2x96 = 1792 H 1200 - 2x96 = 1008

So a new compromise format will be 1792 : 1200 with a safe zone of 96.

It means that if your format is 1792x1200 (or multiplum thereof) for the 3:4 format you would cut 96 pix at left and right and for the 9:16 format you would cut 96 pix top and bottom.

Outside the safe zone there should of cause not be important elements.

96 is 12,5% of 1200. (or times 0,125)

The compromise format would be W17,92 : H12 with a safe zone of 12,5% of the height.

Example: I want to work with a width of 4000. What would the height be and the safe zone?

4000 divided by 17,92 times 12 = 2679, so 4000x2679.
Safe zone is 2679 times 0,125 = 335 (top, bottom, right, left)

You could also download these graphics and use them as overlays.
Scaling them to your need of course.
NOTE: They would only work on an 17,92 : 12 format