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09-06-2015, 09:00 AM
I think I am addicted to painting these villas lol

09-06-2015, 09:10 AM
wonderful Pat, I am beginning to think you are living on the wrong continent...:rolleyes::rolleyes::cool::cool::cool: :cool::cool::):):):)

09-06-2015, 10:49 AM
Your European depictions are amazing. They remind me of areas in France like Corde sur Ciel, or St. Girons, and my father's small village of Charameau. Keep them coming Pat.

09-06-2015, 04:37 PM
And you do them so well.:)

D Akey
09-07-2015, 05:28 AM
A lovely street scene. I'm wondering what's inside that doorway. Another world I would have to guess.

:cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::):):):):):cool::coo l::cool::cool::cool:

Marilyn Anne
09-07-2015, 09:32 AM
You are really capturing the feeling! Nicely painted!

09-07-2015, 10:19 AM
Many thanks to all of you, really appreciate your comments
Bobbi, have checked out the villas in France and have come up with some very nice ones to paint, thanks

09-07-2015, 10:23 PM
Just love these paintings and the images they bring to mind...

09-08-2015, 08:38 AM
Smashing. Pat. I do Like. Your colour touch'es on the walls. I have heard. They left the outside.

Unpainted. So they didn't pay a higher Tax .?? Ok CIAO HASTA LA VISTA. IVAYA CON DIOS


09-08-2015, 10:03 AM
Beautiful Pat well done. You have great talent Best wishes Jo xx.

09-08-2015, 11:10 AM
rbrews, eighty and jo, thanks so much for checking it out, so glad you like it, really appreciate your comments

09-08-2015, 07:30 PM
I love these old times buildings with their peculiar architectural ideas and the flavour of sweet sentiments.
Actually the term villa is referred to a house or a little palace with a garden here in Italy and is extended in many cases to the urban parks as an alternative name because they were often the property of noble people or rich families previously. Originally, in Latin, the term was used for the rich people house (with at least an internal garden and pool I guess) and for country houses as well, farms too, if I look at Vergil's verses about a guy who had to sadly leave his countryside birthplace:

Et iam summa procul villarum culmina fumant
majorsque cadunt altis de montibus umbrae

And already from distance the tops of the country houses smoke
and longer and longer the shadows fall from the high mountains

09-09-2015, 02:41 AM
Thank you Caesar for the information, very interesting, I have been having trouble thinking about titles for my paintings, now maybe I can come up with a few lol instead of Another Villa :D:D:D:D:D:D:D