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08-05-2015, 12:36 AM
Had fun with this, done for the WC weekly paintings . Oil brush and SOS's sponge brushes


08-05-2015, 01:39 AM
Hi Jean yes I like it is up for sale and electric on as would just suit Me ok CIAO HASTA LA VISTA IVAYA CON DIOS SLAINTE

D Akey
08-06-2015, 01:47 AM
Thick vegetation. Almost like the forest taking back the land. The dappled feel is not unlike the impression I get in the thick of it all. Nailed the essence of all the gazillion things going on in a scene like this. If you're from the city like I am, and the desert where it's simpler shapes, going into a dense landscape is actually the first impression I get -- like Wow! look at all the stuff to see. Almost overwhelming when I see that in real life and I think this captures that feel really nicely.

:cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::):):):):):cool::coo l::cool::cool::cool:

08-06-2015, 02:49 AM
It just might be Mr Ploos altho the electric is a bit wonky LOL

DA, Born and raised in a small town just outside of Toronto (where the richies would come for a holiday way back in the day), now I live in the north and if I do not soon have someone cut down some vegetation my house altho a bit newer will soon look the same :D:D

08-06-2015, 01:17 PM
Thought I'd commented:confused: You've made wonderful use of the sponge brushes - the cabin certainly looks like it will soon be overgrown. A lovely idea for a painting and you have captured the atmosphere.

08-06-2015, 06:29 PM
Fabulous! Whar a placid view!

Marilyn Anne
08-08-2015, 11:28 AM
Captured the scene beautifully.