View Full Version : Don't laugh portriats are not my storng suite

07-24-2015, 08:36 AM
Here she is: Glinda the Good witch. This came for Caesar's drawing by the way.

07-24-2015, 09:26 AM
Is that a little "nod of appreciation" to Ceasar?

07-24-2015, 01:49 PM
I like very much this sketch!
Often, we can be inspired by works by other artists, and in this gallery there are many ...

07-24-2015, 01:58 PM
Is that a little "nod of appreciation" to Ceasar?

He told us to help ourselves and I did. I thought it would be fun and it was.

07-24-2015, 04:09 PM
Glinda looks good and Caesar is kind to us with his sharing :D

07-24-2015, 07:23 PM
Ahahahah :D, You got a good witch out of it! :eek::cool: Nice old time pin-up look and colors in this illustration You made. Very well done!
After reading Jules' thread on colouring for adults, I thought that some samples more sophisticated to be "coloured" and painted could be also proposed, with a major difference, since I'm a little naughty, i.e. not being a simple painting by areas it may be either relaxing and rewarding or a little frustrating if we don't get exactly what we were looking for.:o;) Just like real life, isn't it ?:)

07-25-2015, 06:21 AM
Mendota, you did a good job on Caesars drawing, he is always sharing his talent with us as he is very generous

D Akey
07-27-2015, 03:14 PM
Hey, looks very sweet! Nice job! Portraits ARE your strong suit after all!

I'm an artist so I'm likely to reframe everything :rolleyes:;)

:cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::):):):):):cool::coo l::cool::cool::cool: