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05-13-2015, 04:32 AM

Hello everyone.

Mohei-Goose-man show my last painting,,to start discussion,,or comments. :)

I start to think,,how all born,,how we can be here,,, and i dont found answer,,yet,,:),,but still painging,,,


D Akey
05-13-2015, 06:29 AM
Mo hei!

Heikki Hessu! Miten olet ollut minun kauan sitten ystäväni? Se on ollut jo jonkin aikaa . Toivottavasti olet kerätä paljon hanhia ja pyydystämiseen valtava kala!!!!!!

Niin olet tullutsuomalainen filosofi. Luulisin, että niitä pitkiä öitä olisi täydellinen miettiminen, tuijottaa tähtiä.

Mukava nähdä taas.

Tämä onerittäin syvä kuva. Pidän siitä, että se on hyvin yksinkertainen koska yksinkertaisuus puhuu usein erittäin suuria ideoita. Ja elämä itsessään on niin arvokas. Hyvin tehty. Toivottavasti nähdä paljon enemmän oman visuaalisen ajattelun kautta taiteen.

Oletko käynyt metsästys tänä vuonna vielä?

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Mo hei!

Heikki Goofy! How have you been, my long ago friend? It's been quite a while. I hope you've been collecting lots of geese and catching huge fish!!!!!!

So you've become a Finnish philosopher. I would think that those long nights would be perfect for contemplation, staring up at the stars.

Good to see you again.

This is a very deep picture. I like that it is very simple, because simplicity often speaks of very large ideas. And life itself is so precious. Very well done. Hope to see many more of your visual thinking through art.

Have you gone hunting this year yet?

05-13-2015, 04:40 PM

Terve vaan, Dakey. Sinä kirjoitat hyvää Suomea. :)

Thanks your thoughts of my painting. I have put my paintings mainly to art-rage gallery,,because daily work take so much time that this discussion forum i have not visit often.
I see that since 2006-2007 when i was active,,art-rage painters amount is much more,,fine thing,,this is good program to draw own joy,,hmm,ang others harmiksi.

Autumn is hunting time,,,then every year one week,,try to be a "man". :)

Now is time to look spring time and birds coming Finland and fishing-time start. Also i take photos,,so i put you link where is some off my photos,,


We have green summer,,and not so much snow. :)

br. Hessu-Goofy,,alias Mohei Tulkuri.
hmm,,mohei comes words Moro-Hei,,, and Tulkuri comes Kulkuri.

05-14-2015, 10:30 AM
Hi Heikki! You are one of the first people I met on this forum years ago. I hope all is well with you. Good to see you here.

05-14-2015, 04:14 PM
Hi Heikki! You are one of the first people I met on this forum years ago. I hope all is well with you. Good to see you here.


Hei Fashmir,, yes,, that was 2006,,,only 9 years,,and life goes all time. Everything is fine,,only years amount grow,,:) I was that time without work and has time to draw and be here forum,,now work take so much time,,(and also little bit less this computer,using),,so dont paint so much any more. Good to see you here also. :)

br. Heikki.

05-22-2015, 07:36 AM
Really enjoyed your thoughts and paintings