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03-22-2015, 11:51 AM
In memory.

Time lapse video : http://youtu.be/BIoE7lYKfbg

D Akey
03-22-2015, 12:36 PM
RIP. I didn't know he had passed.

Nice tribute painting. Made me go listen to an old interview of Terry Pratchett. Quite a creator.

03-22-2015, 01:07 PM
I don't know about the gentleman but it's a great painting

03-23-2015, 11:16 AM
Wonderful tribute and beautiful painting

03-23-2015, 10:37 PM
What a great painting and thanks for the video.

03-24-2015, 09:48 PM
Don't think I know him, but this portrait is absolutely credible and natural!:D

03-28-2015, 08:13 PM
I watched this video today and noticed that you used a sticker spray brush for most of the painting - did make a custom brush for this? A terrific painting and so interesting watching the way it evolved. :cool::cool::cool:

03-29-2015, 01:58 AM
Hi Enug, thanks for the comments, here is the brush that I used :


03-29-2015, 09:22 PM
I love to see what tools others use in their paintings and when I saw that you used the sticker spray, I just had to ask. I didn't expect you to share the brush but I'm so glad you had the generosity to do that. Watching you work with it I thought it looked a little like an airbrush. I'm looking forward to trying it out but I don't expect for one minute it will work it's magic for me as it does for you. :cool::cool:

BTW I saw a promotion on TV last night for a forthcoming show - Cyberbully and I thought the female actor - Maisie Williams - resembled the character you painted - Arya Horseface - and it was she. The things you learn on the internet!!

03-30-2015, 04:29 AM
Just watched the "Color of Magic" by Terry was a wonderful film, he was very creative with an original vision... sad to know he has passed, but thanks for this tribute :cool::cool: