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Henry Stahle
02-06-2015, 05:20 AM
I just bought this app called Waterlogue to my iPad. Took a photo of the tulips on the kitchen table. Waited for 2 seconds and had this "watercolour" painting. It really looks like the real thing. So what is the Point of doing the real real thing, with paper, water, brushes, colours and all?

Maybe this: a camera has one eye, I have two. I have emotions, I have ways of expressing by using my Watercolour Tools in a personal way, I can paint from my imagination, paint things that happened Before or that I Think will happen in the future and so on... things that a camera can not do. The camera is right here right now. Nothing else.
So, if I use this app and make a print on a real watercolour paper and also add some real real watercolour paint on it. Will anybody notice that it is a photo that looks like a real WC? Will I be able to sell my "painting" without anybody noticing? If I don't tell...


02-06-2015, 05:42 AM
So what is the Point of doing the real real thing, with paper, water, brushes, colours and all?

Well, as both an aside and an inclusion to the points you've already listed, there's one really specific reason. One can't take a picture of ones imagination. In order for the app to work, there must be a photo to build off of. If someone wants a painting of a dragon attacking a village, the person using that app is going to be out of luck. Well, unless they create the scene using models or something similar and then run a photo of that through the app. At that point, however, they might as well have just spent the time just painting the image themselves...

D Akey
02-06-2015, 05:55 AM
Fascinating thought process. It's a pretty darn good result for an app.

There are a few things that could fall into the argument of worth:

1) The relationship is not solely about the artist and the work. It's about the existence of the work and how other people might respond to it. That's a whole other relationship that may or may not matter to the artist. Viewers have their own relationship with a painting which is very valid. And the art process is secondary in that instance, even though it often fascinates and even obsesses the artist who creates the work. That's a whole different dynamic than whether a painting is valid in execution. Art is language after all. And language is a very broad category.

2) Bobby Fisher, the famous rogue chess master, claims that chess is dead because it's now about memorization. Computers are able to do that. And there's not a lot of room for creativity at the highest levels. On one hand he's right. But not everyone is operating at the very highest levels nor will they ever. And so for the non-masters, chess is still very much alive. I think the argument might have bearing on 'art' created this way. One could say it's pointless, or one could look at it for what it still can do for us. I don't personally think the only thing of value in painting is the final painting in a frame.

3) There's validity in narrowing the parameters of things like sports to isolate and highlight individual achievement. But it's certainly not the only thing of value.

Would I be able to hang something like what you show in my home as a thing of pride with me as the author? Not me personally though there could be many people who could, which is fine. But a nice picture is a nice picture.

Would it decorate a room? Certainly, as much as photography or somebody else's graphic print, mostly dependent on the decorator's taste, since there could be an infinite amount of choices because there seems to be nothing inherent in this that limits it.

Could this tool be used to simplify a very labor intensive project in which one needed lots of pieces in the same style, as with doing an animated movie? Absolutely (assuming resolution and so forth worked, though I'm referring to this or a similar process done on a full computer if necessary). Having something like this automated would eliminate or at lease minimize inconsistencies.

02-06-2015, 06:14 PM
Nice result, and very interesting debate! :)

Thanks for sharing this, Henry.

02-07-2015, 12:57 AM
I guess the outcome would come under 'mixed media'. If someone likes it and buys it - good for them (and the artist too :)).