View Full Version : Attempt to an Oil Brush blending

Mick CrocKode
12-25-2014, 05:33 AM
I like to see the brush strokes of the oil brush on an image. But, when you want to smooth two colors one in an other with the knife, you lose all the strokes you can see because they become flat.
So I experimented with different settings, and i finally ended with a good compromise.

Had the idea of coloring an animal... think about an Elephant. I like elephants, and I like to draw the animal I like. Well.
Googeled the Web and found a nice model (http://www.kidzeo.com/coloriage-enfant/coloriage-bel-elephant) to start with.

And this is the result =>


ok... it is a Black and White image, but the principle is the same for a colored one. As you start to work the "Values" of the picture, as soon as they are good, you can put a new layer on the top
of your B/W picture, and set that layer in "color mode" to tint with the colors you want over your image.

You can follow the complete process on a video I have done and that you can find on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CaL8xz0nSQk&feature=youtu.be) and also see the different settings of the oil tool.

Mick CrocKode
12-25-2014, 05:39 AM
I forgot to post the settings of the oil brush.


Depending of the effect you want to achieve in specific areas, you may want to toggle the "auto clean" button from time to time. But mostly, it is when that button is "of" that you can best blend the colors.