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12-18-2014, 03:27 AM
On Christmas Eve in the late 19th century, a family gathers in the old neighborhood to sing carols. While a perplexed cat looks in amusement at the carolers.

A mother lovingly holds her daughter's hand and listens to the child's excited talk of Christmas. Nearby a gentleman who perhaps has enjoyed one eggnogg too many is merrily on his way home to spend an enjoyable Christmas Eve with his family.

Upstairs a lady retires early for the evening, saddeed she is all alone on this magical evening.

My usual concoction of a hybrid mix of 2D & 3D tools...

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12-18-2014, 04:03 AM
pretty awesome... it's almost "alive"...

D Akey
12-18-2014, 01:07 PM
How wonderfully warm and atmospheric, Kenmo. Feels inviting like there's warmth of the heart keeping it cheery. You can kinda see that from the whole scene of course, but the gas lamp warmth gives it an intimate feel like gathering inside near the fireplace. . . only they took it outside.

You have a knack for creating scenes of township, your scenes seem to have that kind of character to them. Very nice. Merry Christmas to you and Happy Hybridizing New Year! :cool::cool::cool::):):):):)

12-18-2014, 02:37 PM
Hello Ken....Like looking out a window into the past, nicely done...love it!
Merry Christmas to you and yours and Happy Holidays.....

12-18-2014, 03:43 PM
It's wonderful, Kenmo! I don't want to leave. Wish the story could continue.:D
Happy Holidays!

12-18-2014, 09:30 PM
Excellent painting and card as well! Your virtual world takes a warm reality here and the festive atmosphere seems to play audible seasonal music too.

12-19-2014, 12:48 AM
very pretty piece indeed. well done!

12-19-2014, 01:01 AM
Very evocative - loving the warm glow. Hot climate Christmases can never conjure up that feeling.

12-19-2014, 09:08 AM
Beautiful painting, somehow you manage to give the 3D which undoubtedly has a very modern feel to it a classic look creating a very original result, in this particular one I like the contrast between the deep blacks, the faint lights and the people which are of course at the center of the scene, not to mention the cat :o congrats

12-19-2014, 10:18 AM
Hello. Ken. Thanks for the Christmas card. It's Fantastic. Happy Christmas to you and family


12-20-2014, 08:26 AM
It's cold but also warm:)


12-21-2014, 06:04 AM
Thanks kindly for all the kind words....

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Seasons Greetings, Happy Holidays to the friendliest artists on the net...Here at ArtRage...:cool::cool:

Marilyn Anne
12-23-2014, 09:38 AM
Charming and full of artistry and great story.

12-23-2014, 09:01 PM
Great work on this wonderful scene, Ken

12-30-2014, 07:28 AM
Thanks kindly....