View Full Version : Log Fence

11-22-2014, 08:00 AM
Hope y'all like it..

11-22-2014, 08:37 AM
you can bet i do!!!! super.......love it

D Akey
11-22-2014, 10:13 AM
Yup, I reckon. . . Looks like the ol' wagon wheel had a blow-out and thus instead of fixing it, they settled for where they got to. But gee, Todo, I don't think we're in Tuscany anymore. . . Nice paintin', Rick.

Marilyn Anne
11-22-2014, 10:31 AM
Love all the details. Really helps you to be a part of the scene.

11-26-2014, 06:08 PM
Terrific as always Rick. Love your work.

11-27-2014, 12:24 AM
Absolutely exquisite, dear Rick!

Mike Martin
11-27-2014, 02:29 AM
Really nice job. Great attention to detail.