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11-13-2014, 07:03 PM
This was my wife's second love, her ferret Rupert.
He died, of old age last week. She hasn't been dealing with it very well. Yesterday my favorite rat died, also of old age. We went to a pet store to get another one as my 5 remaining ones are all old. I ended up getting two because they had one that no one could handle, yes, I'm a sucker, but I also have a way with rats and it was either me or snake food and I despise that. Anyway, right next to the rats was a cage with two ferrets, one of which was a dead ringer for the Rupe. I knew this was going to get bad, as soon as she saw it she started crying and ran out the door. I can't hold myself together when females cry, especially her. So I bought him, we really couldn't afford that much but it felt right. She held him all the way home, 70 miles or so. I present then, Humphrey (as in Bogart)...


11-13-2014, 07:29 PM
Sorry to hear about your pets passing. Pets have a way of burrowing into your heart and leave a hole when they depart. I'm glad you got some new ones to help fill the holes. That new guy is really cute.

D Akey
11-15-2014, 12:50 PM
Adorable and looking to be a great companion. I still miss my cat(s) that have passed on even though I have new ones that are wonderful.

Nice to have pet rats too. Wouldn't even know what to do with a ferret though, what their needs are and potential hi-jinx they get up to. Certainly adorable to look at. I was even considering renting one to get rid of the gophers that are destroying my yard. :rolleyes:

11-15-2014, 01:53 PM
They're pretty much like cats when it comes to raising them. They make ferret food but we feed ours kitten food. They get a rabies and distemper shot every year. They have to have their claws trimmed about once a year because they grow so long. They're in the same family as badgers and wolverines, which means they're incredibly strong for their size and insanely long strong claws would make them formidable in a fight. Fortunately they're the original party animals. When they're awake they play with anybody or anything at any time. Then when they're played out they sleep from 16 to 20 hours. Most of them like a good swim and can't take hot weather. Anything above 85 or 90 can be fatal to them. They just love to play outside in the winter, IF we get enough snow they like to tunnel through it and when there is no snow they love to dig and dig all day. Like dogs and cats, if they're raised to be gentle they'll grow up and be gentle and playful. If they're raised rough and treated rough they'll grow up mean but by nature they never meet a person they don't like.