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08-23-2014, 04:56 PM
this i read on a FB page of Artrage

David Hoggan
6 hrs
Hello, just a quick head's up for ambient and other artrage members. I recently contact ambient about pirate artrage copies+keygen keys for sale on ebay.co.uk, this seller was "Krish5199" & item number was (331259248044). The item was taken down, but now the seller is back up on ebay.co.uk & selling pirate copies+keygen keys AGAIN!. I've reported this to ebay & emailed ambient design in the member's area, but you should warn other member's about this until it's removed. As before, the seller is "krish5199", but the new item number is (331297919845).Please spread the word to other member's... Thank's...

08-23-2014, 08:03 PM
Hello, thanks for letting other members know, i was just about do it this morning(sat/23rd/aug).

The latest update is as follows:- phoned ebay.co.uk yesterday evening, around 9pm, as well as reporting it, and as of this morning(23rd), the item has been taken down, just a few hours after the re-listing. Thank's to quick intervention with ebay, they've acted quick on the matter. And as ambient have said, ONLY legal copies can be purchased through "Artrage.com" and "Steampowered.com", which i told ebay, so they acted quick.

Thanks again!... :)