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08-23-2014, 12:07 PM
I'm delaying installing the recent AR update to 4.5.1 because of posts here re issues with the program, so am waiting for things to get ironed out first. Problem posts have been very helpful btw.

So, just a question - are these issues mainly on Mac? I run Vista SP2 64 bit 2.13GHz 4Gb RAM. Should I have problems on my machine? It's a very capable laptop running modern games, video, graphic editing, etc and AR runs fine on it too.

I really want to go ahead with updating, but stalling for now. I'm happy with 4.0.6 and I am a hobby painter after all and don't paint huge sizes.

Thanks for some clarity.

08-23-2014, 05:07 PM
I upgraded to 4.50 as soon as it was released and then did the next upgrade 4.5.1 - no problems at all. Windows 8 - Intel Core i5-340S - CPU @ 2.90GHz 8GB memory. I generally paint on a small canvas - 2667 x 2991 300P/I.

There used to be some lag when covering the canvas quickly with a large brush - that didn't bother me but I see no lag now. I paint for fun and was happy with the previous version but it seemed to make sense to upgrade and take advantage of the extra memory. I probably won't take advantage of all the improvements listed.

08-23-2014, 05:46 PM
ArtRage 4.5.1 (64bit) has been working great, for me. I haven't had any crashes or failures of any sort. Of course, results will always vary for different computers. I'm on a 4 Core Intel(R) i7-4820k @ 3.70GHz with 12GB Ram, using Windows 8.1 (64bit).

As for new features that you may be worried about missing out on (aside from the speed increase from being 64bit), I hadn't realized how beneficial being able to move the sample colors and presets around the menus would be, but that feature has come in really handy so far. The new font picker has also been nice to have, since it now shows you what the font looks like and makes scrolling through the list of fonts, much easier. I've found the ability to move my presets around between groups, from withing ArtRage, handy. The grid system has been useful for quick centering and alignments (especially when setting up sticker sheets), but I haven't really tried to use it with the Reference system yet, so I can't really comment on that aspect of it's use.

08-23-2014, 10:16 PM
Thanks to you both for your thoughts, really helpful to get feedback on how Window handles it. Good to hear about the font improvement too, and the grid will be handy.