View Full Version : Grant Park 1968

08-14-2014, 03:03 PM
Chicago, democratic convention, armed and helmeted police force in the hundreds, tear gas and orders to kick ass. I was there. First exposure to police violence and this was 46 years ago. I remember every detail so vividly to this day. Young kids running around with their head split open by a policemans baton and saying, " I didn't do anything!!" Watching 2 men in white t-shirts and khaki pants pick up a handful of dirt, walk into the crowd start inciting the crowd and when one of them starts shouting they get hit in the face with fist full of dirt, handcuffed and arrested. There was so much tension. Used AR4 to try and recover a memory that's been haunting me way too long. 5 photos and using the erase tool to make this. 5 layers. .............tj