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07-07-2014, 04:45 AM
Hello! Nothing desperately fancy here, but 3 oil presets that I use in most of my work. Thought someone might get some use out of them. This is the first time I've made an artrage pack before, so forgive me if I messed up.

The package contains 3 simple brushes - a basic brush that does pretty much everything, a dry/rakey brush that gives a nice graphic mark for on-canvas visual colour mixing and texture, and a "flow" brush that's a less stiff.

Grab them here:
81769 (https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1069442/Artrage/JonHodgsonOilBrushes1.arpack)

07-07-2014, 05:48 AM
Thank you for sharing these. It's nice to know what you use your pictures, which are wonderful by the way.

I was wondering, how much extra work do you generally find you do in Photoshop beyond that of ArtRage?

07-07-2014, 07:00 AM
Thanks Bertrude! Mostly I'll do a little tweaking of levels right at the end in PS, and sometimes I'll do a final pass of fine detail at the focal points - though more than half the time the inkpen tool in ArtRage does that well enough - I find it works almost identically to a hard round brush in PS for that purpose.

07-07-2014, 07:26 AM
Thanks Jon!

07-08-2014, 12:30 PM
Thank you Jon.
No Hiccups to report; installed and working perfectly. :)

06-05-2015, 10:25 AM
Thanks Jon!

07-17-2015, 06:25 AM
Thank you Jon, I'm just starting out with ArtRage so this is going to be a great addition to play with :cool: