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06-13-2014, 01:09 AM
Just another experiment mainly on chalk use. Imaginary and mouse drawn ....

06-13-2014, 01:17 AM
WOW Caesar you'll give the kids night-mares gasuntide ?? yavol ;) :D :D :D :D :D :D :D STATTE BBUONO...Si...........Si

06-13-2014, 02:38 AM
a new edgy candidate for the McDonalds ? Seriously though Caesar you are getting some nice build up of color to give form like the oranges in his hair and around the collar and with your fluid line drawing as support you are achieving a new and very successful style..:cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::cool:: cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::):):):):):):): ):):):):):):)

06-13-2014, 03:53 AM
I love how this chalk image turned out....very impressive....

06-13-2014, 05:26 AM
WOW Caesar you'll give the kids night-mares
Not just Kids my dear friend.....
Caesar.....Really like your 'Disquieting character', is a bit creepy though! I love the chalk use as well, and your 'Mouse' appears to have a scary side to him?
And agree with Gary, however looks as if there was some gene splicing with Ronald and a very pissed off gorilla!
Cool stuff friend,

D Akey
06-13-2014, 06:20 AM
Ronald McDonald on Monday. . . It's enough to put you off your Happy Meal. Woah!

I was actually thinking that your Mohair Sam was this guy out of make-up. Nice technique, Caesar.

06-13-2014, 09:10 AM
Love your work Caesar and had such a laugh with all the comments lol

06-13-2014, 04:26 PM
plenty of talents ! i love !

06-13-2014, 07:20 PM
Thank You, dear ATPlus the Old! The idea was that understating a little what are still a quite threatening look and features could show even more disquieting and eventually scaring than just show a ferocious grin, long fangs a bloody mouth or so ... Fear out of an apparently funny, joyful character and a reference to Ronald McDonald of various mates is a brilliant example too of too many of such cases. There's possibly a sneaky element in that character too considering how we may get trapped by a tempting cheap offer and overtasty unhealthily fat sandwiches (so it was much more in the past) which could lead to sickness or even premature death in the longer term. Fortunately You're not a kid and You don't have nightmares anymore. ;)

Dear Gary, making style experiment on character concepts is generally easier to me than on flowers for sure and even on views and landscapes, maybe because it's a matter of a deeper relationship You enter in with your subject. I would thank You for commenting also on the details You noticed and found interesting to point out with Your valuable artistic sensibility.

Apart from chalk, dear Kenmo, also the high pressure roller was useful here (the blue stripes on the attire and some shades). They the least You need to add some texture and reality is full of textures and light plays. Thank You!

Right, dear Steve! This guy is threatening and vaguely scary both for his subtly mad-looking mental state and for his imposing physical structure. I should check what's going on in my mouse, some evil possession or is he suggestively blackmailing me for getting more parmigiano and emmenthal?LOL:rolleyes::o;) Thank You!

Thank You, dear D Akey! I didn't know You're still in the Happy Meal age, but I'm sure kids would love to find a little statue of this clown therein. Today they like very much any scary character and movie and any creepy atmosphere and cynical story :rolleyes::) ... What they really fear is probably the opposite, joyful scenes, happy endings and good sentiments ...

Dear Pat, glad You like it and, as You say, the real attraction in my threads are most often the comments of the mates and friends like 80+, D Akey and Steve are always so keen and witty that You cannot but ROFLing ... Thank You!

Thank You, dear Altimaître for You kind and encouraging appreciation!

06-13-2014, 11:07 PM
Thanks kindly for the insight on how you did this. I often overlook the roller....

All the best...


06-13-2014, 11:11 PM
unexpected it been draw with mouse~,very well. I feel chalk very useful too. this McDonald nuncle had angry ,don't know does kid afried about him? :cool:

06-14-2014, 06:15 AM
Haha good one Dear Caesar, congrats to your trusty mouse too ^^ Cerea

06-14-2014, 07:44 AM
A Classic ! I find Clowns great subject matter .Seeing your guy reminds me of the movie " Balada triste de trompeta" (The Last Circus) If you have seen it you will never look at Clowns the same way again lol:p Nice one friend !;):D

06-16-2014, 09:46 PM
What a frightening guy he is but so well painted. Well done Cesare:)

06-17-2014, 12:08 AM
Thank You, dear Kenmo! The roller is a quite supportive tool for a few ways of use ... especially for neat borders and textures at low pressure You may also creatively layer-blend.

Dear Hcwswdj, today kids are hardly afraid of anything, looking at the cartoons and movies they see, so not even blood or violence more or less subtle.
Maybe they would be possibly scared by naked people they're not accustomed to in places where law and parents fully protect them from and hide any kind of nudity, even the mildest or artistic nudes ...LOL:o;) Thank You!

Dear Andrea, I think that when my mouse will eventually die I'll have to gratefully put him in a Mouseoleum!LOL;):o

Dear Scott, recently here in Rome there was for a couple of months a Circus of los horrores (curiously in Spanish) with some creepy characters among whom a malicious clown (on th posters, since I didn't see the show). Maybe that was the unconscious inspiration ...:rolleyes: Thank You!

I wouldn't invite him at home to entertain children, dear Katie, and I would advice You not to let him in for a show ...:eek:Thank You!