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04-14-2014, 11:45 AM
The World Ends With You is a game on the ipad. It was super cool and fun, but sadly, I had to stop playing it because of language problems.
I traced over a lineart drawn by someone else (they did an awesome job, BTW), and just fixed it up a little.
Then I colored it in.
So basically, it was a coloring practice.
Did I do a good job?
Anyone else heard of the game?


D Akey
04-14-2014, 02:07 PM
Looks like you did a very good job. I don't know the source, but this looks great!

Sorry, I don't know the game. But looks like it inspired you to some pretty nice artistic expression. Great thing about art -- the language is fairly universal and you should never have a problem with communicating if you can do this level of image.

Victor Osaka
04-14-2014, 03:45 PM
Looks like good technique. Colours match pretty well but double check the skin tone. However the name is spelled Sakuraba. Keep your outlines as the top layer if you want your logo to be more anime. The shadows on Neku should be hard not soft. It will be nice to see as your ArtRage anime technique progresses!

04-15-2014, 12:55 AM
Fine manga. Welcome!

04-15-2014, 04:26 AM
Very good practice indeed. You got a really nice anime look I hope you do more.
I recently done a similar thing with a colouring page for some practice. Steampunk style colouring test.

04-15-2014, 05:09 AM
Nice work....:cool::cool::cool:

04-19-2014, 12:08 PM
The colors were fun to do though, because I took a different picture from the game and used to dropper to get the exact colors. It just wasn't working for me otherwise...