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03-09-2014, 10:55 PM
I think this is the best thing I've drawn so far, it isn't as good as most folks here could do but for me it's a long way from the crappy stuff I was posting a year ago. I included a link to the full size version but for some reason it doesn't always work. It's a much version, more detail. It's Eneke, one of my Parrots.

03-09-2014, 11:55 PM
Wow this is really very good, love the bright colours. You are so improving, keep it up:)

03-10-2014, 12:03 AM
It looks great. I like all the little brush strokes:)

D Akey
03-10-2014, 04:42 AM
Well, in the immortal words of Cap'n Flint as they sailed into the 21st century: "Polly wanna Wacom?" to which Ol' Long John replied, "Yar. . . Keep yer hands off me treasure. There be cheaper tablets online, lad. . ."

Looks great. Yes, growing as an artist. Can't tell if the parrot's growing though, but I assume he has done if he isn't already.

Fitting and generous that you have another parrot friend for him to keep company for when you're tending your flocks of mice and painting the butterflies.

Good shape, good colors, the paint daubs are cool. Nice head and features and such like.

Well done! You should be pleased. I think with your interests that we're going to be seeing more than a few animals in paint. Parrots are great subjects with their colorful plumage and all. Make for excellent models.

03-10-2014, 06:43 AM
looks really good, very accurate and you should always paint what you love !.:cool::cool::)

03-10-2014, 08:13 AM
She's a really beautiful parrot George, and you have painted her with love. The eye is just wonderful. Once you get the eye right, the animal has life! Well done! :cool:

Marilyn Anne
03-10-2014, 08:41 AM
Charming and just like it was visiting me! So real!

03-11-2014, 10:50 AM
GM what a great job on your parrot, you should be very proud of this one