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Henry Stahle
12-30-2013, 05:34 AM
I had a newsletter from one of my favourite illustrators, Dibupoly, and it was his 2014 almanac. I decided to use his layout, since I liked it and since I use to make my own almanac every year. I want to re-use my ArtRage illustrations and make the whole layout in ArtRage 4. This is the the original layout and my ArtRage setup side by side:


As you can see I made black rectangles on white background arranged in the same layout as in the original picture. The AR design can be downloaded here (https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/4914643/layout.png) for you to use in your almanac project. Remember to set the "Screen" blend mode to make it work properly. Of course the file can also be white with transparent areas to show the images in, just like a photo frame. In that case, just delete the black rectangles and use the deafault blend mode.


Next step is to import image by image into new layers and to scale them to the right size and arrange them in the best way. Sometimes some erasing is needed to make the images not overlay each other.


The last step is to add text to each picture like this (in this layout example):


And of course, there are a zillions ways of designing almanacs. I just happend to like this one. The text to fill in months, days and dates can be a bit tricky to arrange inside AR, it is better made in a proper layout program like Serif Page Plus, InDesign, InkScape or some other. I have pre-made all months as png-files for you to use if you like. They are all in the same format and I used the standard Arial font. Anyway, they are clean and readable and can be used as stencils. Here they are(zipped) (https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/4914643/12.zip) looking like this:


Hopefully you find this to be of some use.

Happy New Year!