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11-13-2013, 11:44 AM

I've done an experiment with water colors. I've make a landscape that helped me learn more about water colors, experiment with them and learning from what I've done wrong.

However, I'm stuck with the rain effect, everything I do looks very artificial.

I also think there must be a way not to draw every single raindrop by hand, is there?

Any advice or tutorials?

Thank you!

(Sorry for short/direct message, I'm currently studying for tomorrow).

Henry Stahle
11-14-2013, 02:29 AM
This rain effect was made on two or three layers. I made drops and lines of the rain on one layer. Than I made a duplicate of that layer, moved tha layer a bit and merged the layer down. The drops and lines were twice as many in a second or two. One meore duplicate and one more transformation of the new layer and a merge. In a few seconds I hade 4X the initial drops and lines. That way of duplicating, transforming and merging can go on until you are satisfied. If you use different layering methods you can make drops and lines either light or dark. Easy! :)

Henry Stahle
11-14-2013, 02:38 AM

Draw an image of one or a few drops. Be sure to make it 100% red (255R 000G 000B) so you can add any colour to it you like. Save it. (If you download my raindrop you can use it. It is a transparent png.)


Open the Stickers and upload the transparent png file you just painted. Use the settings I used. Save the settings.


Tap down the stylus to Place drops on the Picture. Here is a photo I used this very basic drop on. But it looks a bit like rain..?


11-14-2013, 10:35 AM
Forum member jacktar51 posted some rain stencils on the forums which may be worth experimenting with.
You can find them here: http://forums.artrage.com/showthread.php?8484-Those-STENCILS-you-all-wanted-Jack-gt-gt-gt-gt-gt&p=148140#post148140

11-18-2013, 04:08 AM
Thank you very much Henry,

I was unavailable to download your file(I can't see the link). In fact, this experiment was inspired by your water colors. I'll try to use the tools you have shown on those pictures rather than to use your file as I need to learn how to do it my self.

I'll let you know about the result, thank you very much for your worked respond.

To markw:

Hello again Mark, nice to see you around!

I did have a look at the post and it is fantastic it looks great(the whole post does).

Thank you for the link :)