View Full Version : ˇˇAlsacia está llena de ventanas-cuadro!!

09-02-2013, 07:53 PM
ˇˇAlsacia está llena de ventanas-cuadro!!

Henry Stahle
09-02-2013, 08:45 PM
Alsace is also filled with white wines! Gewurztraminer, Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc, Sylvaner, Riesling... and great foodstuff. And all those windows! And Geranium blooming everywhere. And pretty Towns and Castles. Rivers and Mountains and beautiful landscape...and the spring with all flowers, and autumn with all colours. Winter with all its snow. Fresh summer to just drive arouns or sit in the cafe in the Town Square and look at all the pretty faces and houses... Alsace is my favorite travel to place....I love Alsace. I like your painting! :D

09-02-2013, 11:41 PM
Benvenuto! Bellissimo soggetto e ben dipinto!

09-04-2013, 12:03 AM
Beautifully done:)

D Akey
09-04-2013, 01:31 AM
Que bueno. :D:D:D:D:D

How cool. :cool::cool::cool::cool::cool:

Marilyn Anne
09-04-2013, 08:52 PM
So nicely done. Lovely vignette.

09-05-2013, 05:25 AM
Love how u painted the chalk that is missing ,

really nice

09-06-2013, 04:21 AM
A lovely view :)

09-06-2013, 05:34 AM
Very cool...:cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::cool:

09-07-2013, 12:43 AM
Nicely done. Very typical of our french Alsace.

Congratulations to H. STAHLE who is obviously a fine connoisseur of our eastern region.

09-11-2013, 10:12 PM
very pretty and beautifully realistic. love the watercolor look.