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09-01-2013, 08:41 PM
I have posted this drawing of my wife's shoes and hope for some help. I am happy with the shoes but just cannot get the right feel in the stocking. I would like any help anyone can give me to get a more realistic stocking.I am using AR version 4.0.2..Thanks..Stuart

D Akey
09-02-2013, 04:48 AM
Well it's ambitious.

I think perhaps the tooth/grain of the paper may be too crude for the delicacy of the items depicted. The shoes are not bad. The stockings are sort of out of control, though you already knew that because you mentioned you were having difficulties with it.

I think one of the things to consider is that if your marks are sort of hairy owing to the materials, you would want to use materials that suited the nature of the subject better. An analogy would be blowing up a low rez picture where everything pixelates it into a bunch of little squares and you lose the detail. You don't have enough delicate information to work with because you can't achieve it. Think of taking a charcoal pencil and drawing on a stucco wall. There's only so much detail you can get. So don't take it too hard.

I think the set up of the stockings is also difficult in the way you've draped them. By contrast, the shoes are good because the shapes are defined certainly enough to get what you're intending to show.

You would want to lay the stockings in a way that you can make out what's happening, something that says 'stockings'. Stockings have very little form when they're not filled, plus it's dark on dark which doesn't lend itself to passing information to the viewer. Black on black is hard to draw even with clearly defined objects.

In product photography, there's a reason why stockings are generally shown with legs in them. It's because they're hard to read without it. To buy them (I think. . . never seen packaging other than for panty hose), it often has a clear cellophane on the outside so you can see the material, but without a photo and words on the packaging there would be no way of knowing it was stockings. You picked a very tough subject because inherently there's not a lot to work with. . . unless you drape it in a way in which there's some definition to the contour of a leg shape maybe with a gentle fold or wave to the surface of the fabric.

So I would recommend that you do a photo session, casually, in your bedroom and have white sheets on the bed and drape it over that in various ways where you can see what the heck it is.

If you're after a boudoir theme, consider alternatives -- have a shapely leg with one on and the other one can be hanging as if being put on or removed. Or you can have a 3/4 down shot from mid calf down to the feet of one leg with stocking still on and the shoe off and askew. Or maybe you can have the upper part of the stocking getting rolled or peeled off -- more where the objects speak of a thematic moment.

Anyway, that's my thoughts on it. You probably had no idea of what you would be getting yourself into. But part of being an artist is what you choose to depict, and visualizing where you're going -- particularly when you are going after a realistic image. There are other more free and spontaneous ways of painting but not when going after an image that's like a photograph.

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