View Full Version : Adding just a bit of accent color to a flat background

09-01-2013, 12:21 PM
When I make a panel for my webcomic that has nothing really going on in the background I found that adding a hint of shading over a flat color adds a bit of pop to the foreground. In the sample to the left you see the flat seafoam green color of the wall with no added shading. On the right I have taken my airbrush and lightly began adding some color to the lower right and upper left corners (make sure to keep this background color on it's own layer so as not to disrupt any foreground coloring). You can play around with a variety of colors and settings for effects that range from subtle to dramatic. I tend to use two colors, typically complimentary (in this sample the bottom right airbrush color added was a blue-purple and the upper left color was a pastel yellow) but you can always just apply one color to simulate lighting changes. I like using this two color approach when there is a more ambient feel to the lighting in a panel and not so much a pointed light source. The top portion of the panel is intentionally without much detail to background because that will be the area where I drop a dialogue balloon so this shading technique hold work out perfect.