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07-21-2013, 04:19 PM
Watercolours again and negative shapes (whites.)



07-22-2013, 10:10 PM
Here's a real marvel I kept wondering how You got such a textural effect (apart from such rich coloring), dear Brett! :D:D:D:D:D

D Akey
07-23-2013, 02:58 AM
Interesting. Had to really reduce it to see the whole pic on my monitor without having to scroll.

This one seems very verbal. Since the tree limbs and trunk is so fantastically shaped and says tree limbs because of context rather than verisimilitude, it becomes like a comment or metaphor for something less grounded than a picture about a tree.

What I got was an old Earthy shaman (the mountain is shaped like a blanket draped over the head) sitting before a fire in a divination ritual, before ascending streams of smoke (the white limbs). The pom-pom shaped clusters of leaves at the end of each white line are possibly different angles on a subject he or she is attempting to divine -- sort of like thought bubbles coming up from the head of a cartoon character showing the reader what they're thinking. Or they could also be like native American smoke signals. And the interpretation is not yet apparent. To me this could be entitled "The Question".

On a different tack, knowing what's been happening with earthquakes in your area, I can't help but think this has some of that pressure release imagery as well. That mountain on the right looks like it has an opening somewhat in the middle, like an old volcano. And the steam comes up out of fissures here and there as well. It's an integrated dance between the deep earth and the surface life. I suppose those crossroads where worlds meet are always the places for divination and accumulating knowledge less possible to be had deeper in one camp or the other. It's a special place.

07-23-2013, 05:40 AM
Amazing work Brett, really like this a lot

07-23-2013, 06:42 AM

Caesar I have sent you a PM about textures.

Mr Dakey the things you see in paintings are truly wonderful. The earthquakes seems to be diminishing in size and frequency. At least I slept last night.

Thanks Pat!


07-23-2013, 08:05 PM
Thank You very much, dear Brett. I saw it. You're a fantastic friend. I unfortunately have to wait this evening to see it because my office tools follow rigid security rules, so I cannot apparently enjoy Your dropbox information right now.

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07-24-2013, 01:53 PM
You are welcome Caesar and thanks Kemo.