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07-04-2013, 06:41 AM
Here is a picture I worked on from an instructional art book in ArtRage. I think it turned out pretty well but I want some opinions on what could be improved.

I am still very new to colour theory and what works well so any tips on that would be fantastic.

Some of my colour seems to be more dull in the JPG than it looked in my PTG file, is there a way to prevent that?


I have my step by step process on my blog at dailydoodlechallenge.wordpress.com

Also a newbie question, how do you add a signature to your posts?



07-04-2013, 07:20 AM
Nice picture. Good stocky build of a dwarf. I am afraid I do not know how to fix the color issue you are talking about, though. You should post this in the regular gallery with the same question. Many people shy from Critique, cause the word is scary and people are afraid to comment in here for some reason.

I think many people just don't understand critiquing and how important it is to the artist process. Or they're afraid of coming off "too mean" or something like that. ;)

Try this in the gallery and I'm sure you'll get a lot more response.

As to the other part, you'll want to go into your profile, by clicking "my profile" or your login name at the top right of the website. It will open up and there's two tabs on that page, one is "my activity", the other is "about me". "About me" is the one you want to change avatars and signatures.

Good luck, keep posting. I love fantasy art.