View Full Version : In search for an artist.... I know it may sound funny... but is not for me

06-05-2013, 11:40 PM

ok.... sadly, I have tried some but I have discovered I hate to draw

at least I hate to create stuff from zero I dont have the skill, but I do very good collages in all art ambients I am pretty good according some harsh family members (trust me, they are my worst critics jaja)

so, I am searching for people whom may want to work with me

I am gathering material ittle by little to build an artisanies site of my own I already have installed the needed librarian software wich I know how to use I will be the site using wordpress, tematres wich is a vocabulary software like a database and a paralel site with omeka and I would like to have at least some original designs

I do over all embossing in aluminium methal and in pergamo paper I am still learning

I need artists whom may like to draw me flowers, nature in general and specially anime charachters like sakura card captors yuyu hakusho and dragon ball z

but with flowers and nature I am done for now

no loughing... I want to pay for your work I want exclusivity for that drawn design

please contact me me throught this post I hope you dont see this as crazyness is just I want new art works for my site

I will be very thanksfull if you know of any anime artist