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luc taesch
05-07-2013, 03:18 AM
I (plan to ) use ArtRage for sketchnotes ( rather than sketchbookPro), as I really like the interface, which sparkled my creativity just by looking at it ;-) . (examples of sketchnotes at sketchnotearmy.com).

as this is used in "real time" ( like in a meeting, a conference), I prepare my tools before hand in the toolbox, and use the minimal workbench interface.

1/ Id like to have some "icons" ready to use at hand. imagine smileys . some clip of image id like to drop on my image quickly , without opening a reference file or whatever.
- how can I do this ?
- maybe create a custom sticker?
- but can I add it to the workbench bar ?

2/ to move things around, to create some space for instance, now I need to select a zone, then click on transform, move, and release the selection
- can I add the transform tool to the workbench ?
- or create keyboard shortcut ?
- and how can i quickly release the selection ?
- for release I use cmd-D !(unselect all ) on the keyboard, but my friend has a tablet pc, and keyboard is not easily reached. any trick with the mouse tablet ?

3: to move around, i use the "space" keyboard to scroll. any similar key for zoom maybe ?

many thanks for your help

05-07-2013, 11:48 AM
Stickers sound like possibly the best way of adding a custom image to the canvas, you could create a sticker by clicking 'new' from the sticker panel then adding the image to the 'color' section for the upper layer and saving it as a new sticker. You could create a new sticker group to put your stickers in for easy access. There's not currently a way to add stickers to the workbench toolbar, we may look into that in the future though.

The transform tool can be accessed via the tool icon on the workbench or you could use the keyboard shortcut ctrl + T ( this can be changed in Edit -> Set Keyboard shortcuts ) to access it. In workbench mode you could click the settings button, then click 'clear selection' to clear the selection without using the keyboard.

ctrl + right click zooms the canvas, alt + right click rotates it. You could alternatively click the canvas positioner button in the workbench toolbar then drag in the zoom section to zoom in and out.

We will be looking at adding more functionlity to the workbench mode in the future. I hope this is of some help!

luc taesch
05-07-2013, 09:59 PM
thanks Dave for your Help.

However, I have different behavior (MacOs10.8 and Wacom bamboo)

Ctrl right click DOES work on the mac notepad. it does NOT work on the bamboo. the bamboo react on two fingers "opening" ( like iphone / ipad), but not on Ctrl ( or alt or cmd) plus right click. it does react on right click ( double finger tap or second stylus button). but not when holding the double finger on wacom and move ( plus CTRL). (I have tried different option for the wacom right click seetings also)

funnily enough, the transform does not react on Ctrl T, but Shift T . ??? could I have some funny keyboard shortcut files inherited from somewhere ? 5i installed the demo 4 before buying, but maybe played with the studio 3 also before)

1/ shoudl I reinstall the keyboard seetings on some default ?

2/ what would be the fastest way to reposition something around ?
Shift S select - shift T move - wait -shift s click one dot anywhere (to unselect)

01-28-2018, 01:52 AM
Is there a way of adding pre-defined Stickers to the Tool Box? I am not seeing a way to do this.

01-28-2018, 01:56 AM
Found it! Never mind and Thanks.