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05-04-2013, 09:19 AM
Well, I fixed my internet problem, I had to go a week without it so I did what everybody else did, I drew things. First, I drew my favorite actress, Musetta Vander. She usually plays plays a bad girl. I've stopped tracing, at least mostly. I've started putting a mark here and there then follow a reference image from there on. I know her skin isn't the right color because I forgot to follow the advice given me by someone here and taking color samples from the image. But from here on I will. Musetta:
75378 The original
And Mine:
I took the liberty of making her eyes green and adding the pearls.
I also tried something new (for me). I did a drawing with one color marker, the knife, and the eraser. I made a point to not use any more lines than necessary. I'm not all that happy with it but my original image wasn't that great. My wife liked it and I think it's much better than my first drawing. The guy:
I don't know who he is, I just got his picture in find a grave.
My version:
It's not bad I guess, I'm happy with the shading but something bothers me that I can't quite define. Obviously I still have a problem with drawing hair.

05-04-2013, 10:00 AM
Two excellent efforts Gms!

The first lady can have her face colour changed easily my getting your Ink pen, selecting the correct colour, and instead of painting with 'Normal', change it to 'Color', and paint the yellowed colour out. Her eyebrow hairs don't stand upwards, but sloping sideways, so she doesn't look so shocked. Those green patches at the sides of her neck need to be painted black/brown so her hair flows correctly. Get back to work!!! :)

D Akey
05-04-2013, 04:38 PM
Glad you're back.

Yeah, as to this favorite actress of yours, I went on YouTube to see who the heck she was.

I must say -- what's not to like about an extremely beautiful lady who runs into a bathroom spitting, stripping off to her Victoria Secrets and mutating into what -- I dared not look -- somebody's wife probably. Ah, now that's what we call echtink! . . . yeah, I mean 'acting'.

Yeah, she's a honey. . . er. . . what was the question again?

Oh, right. . . portraiture. Since you're not tracing any longer, you might as well use the trick of popping in a photo in order on a second layer to do lay-in structure lines that shows what you would want to draw in to get your proportions and angles right where the eyes line up and so on. It's rather like paying attention to architecture if you're starting to build a house. It's essentially a map. And it will give you lots of freedom once learned how to knock it in quickly. Then you can focus on the rest of picture making. Having a photo under a tracing is a good way to analyze how the body and head turns.

Knocking in a half decent lay-in is a step that I use regularly when I work out of my head especially. You put your points and meridians to orient what's going on with the figure. And the rest has a really good chance of working.

Right now what I see you doing is surface drawing. You're trepidatious, and that's normal when you're starting. I did it too once upon a time. But it took me a while to know what were the important bits to make sure were right.

Coming in that way can work sometimes when you get a little more experience, but knowing the structure is hard to ignore once you know how important it is.

These are good starts to learn to draw. And they point out what you will want to focus on next pics. It points to the next step on your path. Enjoy it along the way.

And Copespeak's comments are correct.