View Full Version : ArtRage 4.0.3 Update Available.

05-03-2013, 05:41 PM
We have just published the 4.0.3 update to the Member Area, which includes the following changes:


Fixed a bug that would cause the app to become unresponsive on OS X when checking for updates in full screen mode.
Fixed a bug that allowed menus on OS X to be accessed while a modal panel was up.
Fixed a bug that caused non-compressed PSD files to appear with a black background on import.
Fixed a bug that caused files that had a group as their base layer to save without creating a pseudo-canvas layer when exporting to PSD.
Fixed a bug that caused DPI and Unit Type changes made while using the Resize panel to be lost on apply.
Fixed a problem that could cause script nesting errors in long scripts when rulers had been applied and removed.
Fixed a bug that caused DPI and Unit Type changes made while using the Resize panel to be lost on apply.
Fixed a bug that could cause the layout of the toolbox panel to be incorrect if Show Samples With Names was toggled when no toolbox samples had been added and the toolbox panel was open.
Fixed a rare crash that could occur on OS X when using a complex selection set in a large document and triggering transform.
Fixed a rare crash that could occur when using auto-repeating tools such as the airbrush or wet blenders in scraps and views.

Changes & Additions:

Made a change to memory handling that should allow addressing of larger memory space on Windows. Previous builds were not using the full 32 bit address range.
Adjusted the layout of the Samples panel to reduce Herman Grid illusion problems.
Clicking the entry for a reference in the Reference panel now brings that reference to the top.
Exporting a layer will now set the default name of the exported file to the layer's name if it has one.
Added tooltips to the Workbench toolbar for the Tool Picker, Tool Size, Layer Control, and Zoom Level Control.
Corrected an incorrect reference to the suffix of ptgback files in the manual.
Corrected the palette knife manual entry to indicate that paint can be applied by the knife if loading is over 0%.

Downloading & Installing:

The 4.0.3 version is available for download from the Member Area. For information on how to download updates, see here: http://www2.ambientdesign.com/forums/showthread.php?41712-Member-Area-Downloading-ArtRage

Windows users can run the installer to install the new version, OS X users can copy the new version from the installer over their existing version.

Note: Steam users can download the latest update via the Steam client when the application is launched or automatically depending on their Steam options.