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04-08-2013, 07:01 AM
I was looking at the tutorial by Stephen Berry (fruit) regarding watercolor. I am terrible at watercolours, they just seem so uncontrollable. So I thought that I would try to work on my weaknessses and practise. However, I am still unhappy with this, so any advice would be welcome, and yes, I do know that it is not very good!


Steve B
04-08-2013, 09:45 AM
This is actually quite good, IMO, particularly as you're saying you don't really feel comfortable about using Watercolors. I think, in particular, you've done a good job creating some sens of roundness by having the lightest value (yellow) close to the center top-- probably where you would naturally have light reflecting.

Beyond that, my first thoughts would be a number of questions--
1) Are you using multiple layers when lay down colors and are "washing" color on top of each other?
2) If so, then I think you'd gain something by smoothing the edges out for the colors, as you might do if you had a wet wash with natural media.
3) There is no shadow on the flat plane-- namely, the table. Sitting the mango "on" something will increase its sense of weight, as it will feel like it exists in space, amongst other things.
4) Finally, I like the red and green, even though it's not realistic. However, you might increase its sense of roundness by including some darker/bluer shades on the underside of the red, for example, to allow a shadow there.

Most of that's about composing an image to make it read clearly. In terms of technique to make a painting in AR work in general though, it's the things about using Layers set to Multiply and using the Wet Blenders with the Palette Knife to soften the edges that is going to take you the farthers in a host of image-making using the program.

I hope that helps! Come back and post the image again here, if you do more work on it. Quite daring of you to experiment with something you've not felt comfortable with in the past! :)

04-11-2013, 03:36 AM
It does help, thank you. I think I tend to stick to what I can do, and I also think we all like to stay in our comfort zone. So I am going to branch out and keep practising, thanks for the advice and the link. X