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04-05-2013, 10:41 AM
hey guys and girls ,

This painting far from finished ,

thing is there should be drule , i think english word is galiva or something beneath the tongue , and im just focused on getting that on the painting , any pointers would be appreciated


04-05-2013, 11:01 AM
I think the word you're looking for is 'drool'. :D

A very creative idea. I would definitely crisp up your edges of the train. The blurring should be used very carefully, and not where you want your picture to stand out. It just turns to mush.

Keep going! :) :)

04-05-2013, 11:16 AM
Haha , yea drool was what i was looking for , ty copespeak

And yea i agree i blurred way to much , i thought drawing was hard but painting so much harder .

04-05-2013, 11:43 AM
If you're using the Watercolour tool, try putting the details onto a new layer, so they don't wash into the base colours. You can always merge the layers down and then blend where you want them to. :)

04-07-2013, 06:05 AM
Little update ,

i used the Airbrush as theres so much colours blending .Also , think im afraid of the darker colours but ima keep improving it .


04-07-2013, 07:37 AM
That's a huge improvement! It's an excellent effort.

You probably need to address your perspective now and how the train sits on that hill. It needs to be tipped up at the back, rather than seeming to be gouging into the hill behind. Maybe get your Selection Tool and select the train only, then Transform Tool>Non Uniform and fiddle with the back end until it looks right.

:) :)

04-07-2013, 07:44 AM
thank u , copespeak ,

Yea i agree once more haha ,

Also the fire is annoying me a bit , but i like spending time on this , so i think it might all come to place .

06-08-2013, 05:45 AM
Been ages but i did work on it some more .