View Full Version : ArtRage 4.0.2 Update Available.

02-28-2013, 04:51 PM
We have just published the 4.0.2 update to the Member Area, which includes the following changes:

Crash Fixes:

Fixed a crash that could occur when importing image files in some situations, probably relating to default canvases.
Fixed a crash that could occur at the end of a paint stroke on Windows with some driver/hardware combinations. This could also cause modal panels such as the Preferences Panel to become unresponsive.
Fixed a crash that could occur when running in Japanese on OS X when using sliders repeatedly

Other Fixes & Adjustments:

Fixed a bug that caused the ArtRage window to shift downwards on the screen on OS X when starting the app if it wasn't in full screen mode.
Fixed a bug that could cause stencils added to the toolbox to change type after reloading the document they were stored in.
Adjusted keyboard handling to speed up response to Wacom touch ring events on OS X - Events were being cached so continuing to process after the touch ring was released.
Fixed a bug that could cause corruption on a new layer that was created by duplicating a hidden layer that had metallic paint on it.
Fixed a bug that prevented file type selection being properly persisted in export dialogues on OS X.
Fixed some minor errors in the Russian translation.
Added some missing localised strings in the Japanese translation.
Added checkboxes back in to script playback dialogues for scripts that require user input, eg. 'Merge Layers' option in the Drop Shadow script.
Adjusted the 'Coarse Canvas' grain to remove some tiling artifacts.

Downloading & Installing:

The 4.0.2 version is available from the Member Area. For information on how to download updates, see here: http://www2.ambientdesign.com/forums...oading-ArtRage (http://www2.ambientdesign.com/forums/showthread.php?41712-Member-Area-Downloading-ArtRage)

Windows users can run the installer to install the new version, OS X users can copy the new version from the installer over their existing version.