View Full Version : Real Money says Rolls Royce, No, Rolls Romney, No, Romney Ryan

L Skylar Brown
10-01-2012, 06:45 AM
My Bumper Sticker for all Romney's buddies at the yacht clubs...


L Skylar Brown
10-01-2012, 10:21 AM

10-02-2012, 08:38 PM
Dear Skylar,
the beauty contest for your next President is up to You for sure. It's an inner political matter thus not for any AR mate to mind about, I guess.
I'm afraid though that real money (and its making and the power it gives) is no more such, or as it used to be or to be sold. A somehow simplistic, but still effective indication of value, talent, hard work, markets assigned merits and wellfare generator, in these gloomy days. Least of a civilization progress. As a matter of fact, in too many cases it's just virtual money by derivative finance speculations, money stolen deceptively to people and middle classes in too many cases by greedy people adding no value to the system, an obstacle to real competion opportunities, to happiness seeking, an undue profit by short sighted visions, undeserved bonuses payments, social disasters spreading, decreasing compassion, solidarity or social sharing and support etc. In few words, IMO, the world is more complex than ever and least than ever can ge led by a just sort of little and localised, "incestuous" masonic-like Pickwick club, counting on the self-occurring prophecies they state, no matter how much money it has and keep draining. If a lesson can be learned by this lasting financial and economical blast and chronicle disease, this is the main one, I think.
What's worse in these days would thus be that, in Your country, the answer to the progressive U.S. decline back to a more natural size and role (for Your territory and population) as well as a credible world leader and lighthouse, may lead to a fake solution. I.e. a vain and dangerous attempt, in the States in particular, to raise again some sort of nationalist fortress, dream of a naif aggressive posture and attitude (responsibility would be the word instead) and the choice of a President who could be sold only inside the country because of a scarce understanding of classes, different people, cultures and systems, lack of wide-spanning experiences, foreign expertise and global vision.
Therefore, as You use to say, similarly to anyone else for his own country, God bless America (and the rest of us too), especially if it's not going to happen the above negative case!