View Full Version : Abstract Experiment

08-22-2012, 02:34 AM
I did this one just to see what I would get from experimenting and to perhaps whet your appetite for seeing what comes out of playing with Art Rage tools. This painting was done to explore the fill tool.

I used a canvas with no roughness and no grain. Used the roller tool with the thick and smooth preset making several horizontal lines using several colors. Then I took the flat knife at 97% pressure and pulled it across vertically. This usually results in some interesting patterns. I then used the fill tool to randomly fill in areas of the pattern. Created some interesting effects. Then I went to the edit tab and chose the adjust layer colors selection and played with various settings.

The fill tool also gives some interesting effects when you use the water color brush. Because the water color brush can leave uneven areas, the fill tool can give some interesting gradient appearances.

I hope others have been having fun experimenting with the various tools in Art Rage.