View Full Version : Tall Trees

08-19-2012, 01:46 AM
Hard to think of a name for this one, so just settled for Tall Trees

08-19-2012, 01:56 AM
Well Pat as usual I am amazed by your imagination, something I am sadly lacking in, this is so lovely and I really like your choice of colours.

08-19-2012, 02:00 AM
Pat... another amazing work. these trees with the reddish base and large twisting limbs are all painted with real authenticity and the grove in the distance with the small hut.. the simple sky make this a very interesting and artistic statement.:cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::):):):):)

08-19-2012, 03:04 AM
I'm not sure where you live Pat, but to me these trees are pure 'Ozzy'. Fine work buddy. :)

08-19-2012, 04:30 AM
I like the colors and abstract feel of the tree patterns. Definitely trees are the center of attention of this so "Tall Trees" aptly names it.

Marilyn Anne
08-19-2012, 07:50 AM
Makes you want to linger!

08-19-2012, 10:08 AM
Nice painting Pat! Looking out your window?

08-19-2012, 02:09 PM
This is delightful, very nice. I love the way that your painting starts with dark/warm colors at the bottom of the painting, then transitions into cool colors as your eye moves upward. This painting is lovely as a whole, but could easily be seen as several smaller paintings or sections that would be equally lovely as paintings by themselves.

08-19-2012, 03:03 PM
Pat, a lovely painting with great colours

08-20-2012, 12:42 AM
Nicely done composition ... my mind raced out on a Sunday afternoon viewing this picture....:)

08-20-2012, 10:11 AM
Thankyou all for your very kind comments, they are always appreciated

08-20-2012, 07:34 PM
Beautiful painting and use of color...love the trees in the foreground :-)

08-21-2012, 01:32 AM
Beautifully done Pat:)

08-21-2012, 06:00 AM
Steve and Katie, thankyou for your kind comments, so appreciated

10-14-2012, 06:35 AM
serene and soothing.

10-14-2012, 09:14 PM
Pat, you have a wonderful talent and the painting over all is superb and I really like the texture of the trees :-)

10-15-2012, 12:53 AM
Thankyou Suresh and Steve, appreciate your kind comments

10-15-2012, 08:46 AM
Definitely Australian Eucalypts. I'm looking at a fabulous one outside my window now. They are so beautiful and majestic, and hugely 'paintable'. The older they get, the more twisted and interesting. Lovely painting.

10-15-2012, 09:11 AM
Thanks a lot copespeak and I too love old trees, so magestic and beautiful and the knarly old ones are so shapely