View Full Version : Lighthouse WIP I need quidence

08-02-2012, 12:06 AM
I'm very new to ArtRage (1 week). In my non-digital life I'm a watercolor artist. My initial reason for getting ArtRage was to help in solving problems when I'm stuck on a painting before ruining it. The drawing tool is excellent. Now I'm tackling the watercolor tool. I'm attaching my first attempt using the watercolor tool plus the reference. What I need help on is: What is a good way to create waves in water?

Let's hope the attachments work.

Steve B
08-03-2012, 09:24 AM
I can see two ways to do it- one is to preserve your whites, the other to be "anti-watercolor" and put them on top, more like a gauche. I'd try laying in your greens/ blues on one layer and then, using something like Juz's Triangular Chaos sticker spray brush, paint with white/grey/pale blue on a layer on top of it for the froth. I found that certain Sticker Sprays are very very useful when doing watercolors in Artrage when you want certain ambient, grungy effects. You could also look at the Flat versions of Someonesane's Sponge Brushes. They work well as well. You can find links to both of them in my Watercolor WIPS thread in the Gallery section. The thread's on the first or second page right now. I think the links are on page 6-8 or so in the thread. You'll find some example paintings around there as well, that demonstrate a bit of what you can do with them.

Good luck! The painting is looking pretty nice so far.