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06-19-2012, 12:36 PM
Done with oils. Tell me what you all think. :)

06-19-2012, 01:06 PM
Ruff AND beautiful :) nicely done.

D Akey
06-19-2012, 06:56 PM
Hi Chase,

When an artist is not trying for a natural look in their art, they would do well to choose to stylize the image. When one lets certain qualitative elements drop, one should emphasize other qualities.

What I mean by that is if you are not interested in rendering, you may want to push graphic design and perhaps character of the marks. If you are dropping detail, you want to fill the canvas in other interesting ways that sets it above in that quality that you do keep.

It's more a matter of shifting focus rather than eliminating, if that makes sense. Sort of like you have 10 points to distribute throughout all your skills like you might have in a role playing game creating your character. You can load up on strength and lower the agility points. To continue with the analogy, certain artists raise their intelligence level at the expense of their charisma (referring to abstract expressionists for example who went for the intellectuals at the expense of the general audience). But the thing is to not just weaken one area without compensating the balance in another.

Artists have a lot of categories: vision/voice, rendering skill/illusion, composition/design, color, scale, subject, understanding context, persuasiveness/salesmanship/charisma, etc etc and a lot of those overlap to one degree or another depending on the artist.

If you are working small, or within technical limits, look at what you can do to make it work better within that, and that goes for anyone at any point in their artistic journey. We're always hoping to grow.

On the other hand, doodling can be fun, although I can't say one expects many people to be interested in looking. I can't think of a single text book from high school that I didn't just about cover in ball point pen ink to keep my eyes from rolling up in my head from boredom. For me it served that purpose and that was that.

But at some point, when I had more control over my life, I got focused, and once I started becoming more directed, I had something substantial to build on. Granted, I risked failure. But it was worth it. You want to get some traction going somewhere and see if it's satisfying. But you won't know until you get some depth. I've heard your comments to others and they're pretty aware. So it will be interesting to see where you go with your art.

There is lots of potential. We'll be here.

06-19-2012, 08:31 PM
I think D Akey really gave You the best indications (as he did to all of us in this Forum since the start of it).

Apart from very realistic paintings (which either requires a huge skill and talent or some sort of smart and or patient, pedantic procedure and a good reference to copy or be inspired by), the other options, including what we call Naif Style Painting (the Douanier Rousseau or Antonio Ligabue may be among the greatest of them), would require some sort of unifying and effective at sight style as well as the observation of some good, old golden rules about tones, composition, palette etc.
Here, for instance, there's a sort of mixed triangular-diagonal composition, a somehow right choice, but the elements, reaonably linked among them, are possibly a bit lost in the scenario.

I would therefore suggest to surf the net or any other image source and look for some artists or illustrators or whatever other visual master, whose styles attracts You, even apparently simple ones. You may then try to capture their styles essence and get practice on them. The whole will be eventually integrated by Your mind in a personal recipe and skill.

I've no doubt You'll improve continuously, because I saw so many people in here following, unconsciously, this path and grow their talent and skills into good and original artpieces, even starting from no previous drawing or painting knowledge at all.